Friday, November 4, 2011

Eclectic Belief Diversity

Star Foster over on Pantheon asks:

"So think about this for a moment: is your religious practice reflective of what you truly believe? Must you practice the way you do because it is what you believe? Based on what you truly believe, can you change your practice?
In some way, the idea that practice is formed in accordance with belief makes sense. Druids do X because they believe Y. But then there are the eclectics, and this is where I get confused. Do eclectics practice in such diverse and idiosyncratic ways because it fits their beliefs? Or, and yes I know this is a touchy idea, does a lack of consistency in practice perhaps denote a lack of belief?"

As an Eclectic Wiccan, I'll say that it's because I believe in diversity. When I first began my journey toward Wicca I found a lot of different opinions of course. But what I found to be true is that I don't need to fit in anyone elses box but my own.  If I believe that my technique works, it will. "As I will it, so mode it be!".

When trying to follow someone elses "instructions" I was constantly worrying that I was doing it wrong and completely missing the point. I couldn't connect to the divine when I wasn't comfortable with the practice. The rite wasn't mine, so therefore it never worked for me. Once I made it mine by customizing what I did in ritual then everything clicked and I felt the wonderful presence of the Divine.

There is no right way for everyone. There is a right way for each one. Diversity is a great thing, and I encourage everyone to embrace it. If a traditional approach works for you, great. But not everyone can feel comfortable in that setting which is why so many people try Paganism and end up leaving it.


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