Monday, November 7, 2011

Failure is Opportunity

"Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently."
- Henry Ford

I certainly hope this quote is true. This whole year has been about change and starting new. I thought we were starting more intelligently. When Dh and I first discussed making the move from KY to OH we knew we couldn't do it all at once. So in January DH came to Ohio first to make a start for us. I spent 3 months living in a tiny space with my mother. Did I mention I was pregnant at the time? Tiny spaces and big huge belly doesn't mix well. Plus, though I love her, my mother and I just don't get along very well. I prefer to take her in small doses only!

During this time so much was going on. I was trying to hold it together for my daughter, said daughter was missing her daddy and crying every day over it. I was still working, worrying about a frivolous lawsuit my aunt had filed against us, my brother was having some legal issues, etc... Everything just piled onto us at once.

Once Dh got to Ohio it soon became apparent that there were a lot of impediments to our course of action. He didn't have transportation. We had asked previous to the move if he could borrow a vehicle, but once he got here it was unavailable. I told DH then that I should just move to Ohio too so he could have the car. But he said no because we needed my job. And me finding a job in Ohio while heavily pregnant was unlikely.

Fast forward to March and I'd had enough. I was still getting "legal" threats from my aunt, Dh wasn't finding a job because of the way he was let go at his previous employment, the car he had bought with our tax return $ wasn't running right and we hadn't the $ to fix it. Plus social services were going to investigate my mother because they had heard a rumor about living arrangements.

Me & my dog Kota just one day before I left KY.
That Friday I talked with Dh and we decided it was just best I move to OH at that point. I told my boss I had to go and they did a little farewell party. I was very touched that they took up a collection and gave me $60. It really helped on my trip! By then I was 32 weeks pregnant.

I started our trip at 1:30 am that Saturday morning. By 5am I was in Ohio but just didn't have the gusto to go on. I stopped off at a run down cheap hotel and grabbed a room for a couple hours. Then continued on a couple hours later.

We've been living with MIL every since. That was in March. Now it's November and no sign of better circumstances.

So, if failure is the opportunity to begin better circumstances, the house we do get, and the job I do find, had better be at least 3x better than anything we've had before! lol

One can only hope and have faith. What I do know is that I am where I'm suppose to be. 


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