Thursday, November 10, 2011

Positive and Negative thoughts plus School performances

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results."
- William Nelson

This quote couldn't be any more Pagan. If you know how magick works you know that it's the manipulation of energy. We all have our own energy called the aura. Our thoughts and actions are all energy in motion. When you have negative thoughts you bring negative energy to you and vice versa for positive energy.

Right now, my energy is one of irritation. My daughter has been practicing a recorder this year and she's had a lot of fun with it. She has a performance at school in December and she just now brought home the songs she needs to learn the words to. One of them is Silent Night. Now, I don't really mind her doing some Christmas songs, but Silent Night is not a fun secular song. It is obviously a Christian one celebrating the birth of Christ. I feel this isn't appropriate for the school to be doing it.

So my quandary is do I make a big deal about it and talk with the teacher and principle? Or do I just let it go? What would you do?

I have not "raised" my daughter in the Pagan path. I feel all children should be able to decide for themselves. Until the time she's ready to learn about all religions, she doesn't really participate or learn about my own. She knows some things just by watching and asking questions, other than that she has only chose to participate twice.

But she didn't choose to do this performance. It is a school requirement for her music class. I just wish schools would keep ALL religions out of their curriculum.


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