Sunday, November 6, 2011

Just do it Yourself

"I am thankful to all those who said NO to me. It's because of them I did it myself."
- Albert Einstein

I learned this lesson really early! I remember when I was about 5 or 6 I wanted a bike for Christmas. It's one of the Christmas presents that I actually got! I learned from an early age doing a Christmas list was pointless since I never got what I put on it. But the bike was the one exception and my mother made a lot of sacrifices to get it for me.

The only thing was, I didn't know how to ride a bike! So Christmas day we bundled up and went out to ride it. I got on and my mother's boyfriend held it while I rode around in a circle. That was OK but I quickly became bored of going no where. So I turned to go down the street. Mother's BF kept a hold of the seat as I went, but I was almost doing it alone. Well he ended up pushing me into a sticker bush because I didn't know how to turn it myself.

From then on, I vowed that if I was going to fall, it wouldn't be because an adult pushed me into one. lol So I cleaned myself up and went for my second attempt myself. Within minutes I was going up and down the street with a happy sense of glee and accomplishment. I lived on that bike till I was 12 when we moved to KY. I found that riding my bike in KY was more difficult with all the hills. Plus there just wasn't enough space for me to ride.

But I loved it while it last, and I kept stick thin too! I think I rode all over the county (or two) back then. I had other friends who rode with me and back then no one thought about letting a kid go off on a bike. As long as we stayed in a group there really wasn't anywhere I couldn't go.

Though mom doesn't know about leaving the county. Shhh. Don't tell her! lol
I just wanted to see the Standerdbred Horse farm. And I saw plenty too. Unfortunately what I saw was a dead foal in their big trash bin. :( 
But that day I had packed two sac lunches and myself and "boyfriend" rode all over town.


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