Monday, August 29, 2011

Spiritual Protection

We all have people in our life that mentally drain us. They may be coworkers, friends or even family. Most of them have a personality that is all about them. They rarely ask about how you are doing, and even if they do ask, they turn the conversation around so you are drawn into their daily drama. These people are not happy unless something is wrong in their life. Unfortunately you can't physically distance yourself from this type of person all the time. So what is a witch to do?

In a previous job of mine, there were a couple of people like this. I remember one summer particularly where it seemed like everyone had PMS. So I go about this two different ways - aura shield magick, and candle magick.

Aura Shield Magick

One is a protective shield using the aura. This is temporary. The more you practice the stronger and longer you will be able to do it. Walking through (or sitting in if that works better for you) a crowded store is a good place to practice. Those particularly sensitive to others emotions (empathy) are normally uneasy in crowded areas. This has helped me to get in and out of crowded areas without feeling boxed in and crazy.

I focus on my aura. I strengthen it by connecting to the universal energy. To do this I imagine white light coming down into my body from the top of my head all the way down to my toes and beyond. This makes me feel connected to the Lord & Lady and in control. (Grounded).
Chart showing the 7 Chakra points
Next I focus on the 7 Chakra's beginning at the crown and ending at the root. Each one I strengthen with energy. I may choose to use a symbol sort of a seal to add even more strength. I typically use a pentacle.

I then focus on my aura. Normally if a person is feeling overwhelmed the aura will be close to the body. This is a protective instinct. Imagine your aura being pushed out as far as you can. Try for an inch and then work your way up to two or three inches. Strengthen it with more universal energy. If you find a particular area lacking focus on strengthening the nearest Chakra point. This creates a spiritual wall between other peoples energy and your own. While you do this, no ones extra baggage is affecting your own energy.

Candle Magick for Protection

The second technique I use has a more lasting effect. It requires a little candle magick. If you are a crafty witch, its best that you make a square candle. You can usually find a candle making kit at craft stores. If you can't do this, that's fine. Store bought candles will work, but I'd rather you made your own because the action of you making the candle imbues it with more energy.

Whatever candle you pick, make sure it is square for this purpose. I like to make my candle black for this purpose. Black is the color of creation and what we are doing is creating a space for the negative energy to go. If you cannot make your own candle and cannot buy a black candle, choose a neutral color like white.

I don't share spells, so I'll leave you to write your own. But after creating your candle, you should do a ritual with the intent for all negative energy from whatever person your having trouble with to go into the candle. I like to also anoint the candle with an oil for protection during my ritual. My favorite is dragons blood, but your certainly welcome to choose whatever oil you feel best for protection.

As you burn the candle every night, the energy is released to spirit. This way the bad energy being sent daily to you, goes to the candle instead. And you are not doing a spell to harm anyone. Remember me mentioning those co-workers? Well this is a particular favorite of mine for those co-workers that like to make my daily life miserable. While doing this spell their negativity does not reach me and I can go about my day without worrying about workplace politics.

I hope this has helped you protect your spiritual self and as always,
Blessings, Love, and Light


  1. You couldn't have posted this at a better time. Lately I feel like I've been attracting negative people; it's so draining, I'm usually exhausted by the time I get home. I think I'll try to make it out this weekend to find a candle making kit. Many thanks!

  2. Your welcome. Let me know how it goes. :)

  3. I really like this blog.
    Sure do think that we all need
    Spiritual protection from evil.
    I am so glad that you thought of
    doing this I praise you & I will try to visit daily.
    Til we meet again on line
    Take care & God Bless.
    Have a lovely day.
    Your friend Kat aka no1coachmom (CM)



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