Friday, June 1, 2012

An Extension of Me

My daughter, just after a haircut. We kept her hair short for practical reasons.
Atreya over on 2 Witches 1 Blog has posted about our hair being an extension of our energy. I must say this is an intriguing idea that I've never considered before.

Throughout most of my life I've kept my hair medium to very long. My longest was right below my butt. However as I got older my hair began to give me headaches. So I made the decision to cut it to just above my shoulders.

The cut gave me a feeling of freedom. Not just from the weight of the hair but a freedom of changing my life. At every major change in my life there's also been a sudden need to cut my hair. So subconsciously, I think that energy the hair stores may be why I had a need to "start over". Sort of a subconscious reboot of energy.

Lately I've thought about letting my hair grow out, and if we continue with this theory that hair holds the energy of our life, that means I have a need to build energy. Which given my current living situation, is certainly true.

Do you feel that our hair holds apart of our energy? Do you see haircuts as a cosmic reboot of energy? Or is a haircut just a haircut and for aesthetic purposes only?


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Blessed Be,