Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wicca Is Not A Feminist Religion

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There is certainly no denying that there is an imbalance in Wicca regarding female to male members. Just go to a festival and you'll notice women outnumber the men by a large percent. Even my husband technically isn't Wiccan though he shares a large part of the beliefs. This isn't to cast Wicca in a bad light. It just isn't his calling to label himself as any religion. So why is Wicca lacking in men?

Perhaps we just put too much emphasis on the feminine and so males don't feel comfortable in circle. Maybe we need to give men more roles and control in rituals. I also think its natural for women to focus more on the feminine. We are women after all. As a woman who grew up without a father, I haven't much need for the masculine. I try to bring him into my life because I do believe we should have an equal duality, but I don't feel especially connected to the Lord.

Then there's the stigma of people thinking that if your Wiccan and male you are gay. While homosexuality is becoming more accepted [especially among the Pagan community], I don't know any straight male who wants to be called gay. So I can see this as a major deterrent.

As a Wiccan practitioner how do you bring the masculine energy into your life? How have you tried to change pre-conceived perceptions in regards to male gender roles? If you are a male Wiccan or witch, what challenges have you faced in the Pagan community?


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