Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Have a Wonderful Summer Solstice

Wow it is hot today! Today is Summer Solstice and we are burning up here. Well not literally. I'm fortunate enough to be inside in an air conditioned area. But I feel sorry for those out in this heat. I know I couldn't stand it. With my pale skin I'd turn into a boiled bright red lobster very quickly.

OK so I'm not a very good plant mom. Last week I bought a parsley plant thinking I'd be a little kitchen witch and have fresh parsley for my meals. I love parsley and put it in almost everything. Problem is, I do not have a green thumb. I watered the plant, and so did DD. Which means it got way too much water and it died. :( Poor plant. I'd do a little funeral but hey, I'm not that kind of tree huger. So, I bought Parsley seeds and planted them today. Hopefully within 14 days I'll see some sprouts. More than likely given my history with anything growing I won't see a sprout. But hey, I'm trying to be positive. Maybe I should talk with them? lol. What do you say to a plant?

I have some good news on DH's job. He was getting about 25 hrs. Because of an altercation in the Goodwill parking lot, the owner wants Dh to be at work more because he is "Intimidating" and can protect the other people who work there. DH is the only man on the staff, so I guess that makes him desirable for the job. Which works for us. Though technically he still isn't full time, he's at least getting 34 hrs a week. More money for us which means were one step closer to moving out of MIL's house. And that my friends, is my main goal right now!

Do you have any plans for Summer solstice? Any planting going on at your house? If so, I'd love some gardening tips because I really suck at it!

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