Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm NOT a Gardening Failure!

I don't know how all those gardening witches do it. When it comes to plants I have a black thumb, but maybe not so black as I thought.

A week ago I bought a parsley plant in hopes of having fresh parsley on my meals. Its one herb I pretty much use on almost everything. Unfortunately one incident with over-watering and its life was over. It was a sad sad day my friends. But then I decided to try again. Can't succeed if you give up right? So I went out and bought parsley seeds and planted them.

I noticed today they are sprouting! yay. I feel like doing a little victory dance. Now if I don't kill it, I'll be doing good! lol

What accomplishment have you achieved this week?

NOOOO. I had the plant in the kitchen window sill. I had to open the window for it to fit up there but its the best place for it to get indirect sunlight. But a strong wind came and knocked it out of the window. So I had soil all over the counter and floor. I saved as much as I could. But its a conspiracy people! Maybe I'm just not meant to grow things. :(


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