Friday, June 8, 2012

I Will Survive

Meet Mumbah. I think his life perfectly showcases what it takes to have a will to survive. He's one of the oldest gorillas to live a whopping 47 years! Sadly he passed away at the Columbus zoo on my sons birthday, May 18th 2012. RIP to this gentleman.

Well everyone I'm one day post-op and I'm doing fine. Even had the energy to take my daughter to the library today and do a few errands. I'm not in pain that much. My lower jaw and my neck muscles hurt. I'm swollen and a bit bruised but I'm not near as in much pain as they told me I'd be in.

I had taken a print out of Kellymom.com breastfeeding pain medicine list so I could let them know what kind of pain med I could take. I'm not about to give up breastfeeding for the surgery. One mouthy little nurse told me she couldn't take "Information you print out on the net" and that only a medical doctors reference would work. I was livid. I told her it wasn't just info off the net. It was well researched info off the net! She refused to even look at it. All the while mouthing off about how I should really have talked with my OB or pediatrician. Neither my OB or pediatrician is breastfeeding friendly. So I wasn't about to take their advice which would be "Don't breastfeed past a year".

Anyway, she ended up giving me a narcotic pain med that she said should be OK with my son over 1 yr old and 30+lbs. He's a big baby! I just shrugged and said fine I'll just take Tylenol unless I really can't stand the pain. She quickly laughed and said I'd need more than Tylenol.

Well little miss priss. Its one day after the surgery and I have YET to need that stupid pain pill. And I'm not toughing anything out. It just doesn't hurt. I've had worse scrapes than the pain I feel right now. Not to say it might not get worse. But I have 3 different prescription pain pills here. And I'm sure one of them will take care of it before that narcotic will be needed. *Sticks out tongue here to that stupid nurse*.

There was also some excitement later today that resulted in me calling the Sheriffs office. My daughter was outside riding her bike and when she came around the corner she noticed a tan car with two men looking at my car. One had remained in the drivers seat, the other had got out and was looking INSIDE my car! They told her (And I've already lectured about her talking with the men instead of coming to get me immediately) that my car had been involved in an accident. She told them we had not and they quickly left. Well I went to talk with the neighbor who is having a yard sale today figuring he might have scene something. He told me they had asked him about a Lumina that is for sale. I drive a Lumina btw but my car is not for sale. (I also don't owe on the car so it wasn't repo men or anything).

It was all very odd. I couldn't see why they should be snooping around and lying. At least no good reason. So I've made sure the doors are locked on all our vehicles and called the Sheriff to report suspicious activity. They won't take a police report unless they come back. But I feel good that they'll watch the area a bit more closely for a few days. And one Sheriff works right down the road so that's good too.

For now, I'm going to relax and allow my Tylenol and cold compress to do their thing. Night all!


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