Friday, June 22, 2012

Ghost Hunt Anyone?

Have you ever gone on a ghost hunt? Personally I'd never pay to go on a ghost hunt, but that is what Waverly, Ohio residents get to do this Saturday at the Emmitt House. I've never been to the Emmitt house so I can't vouch for its spiritual inhabitants, but if your in for a little spooky fun it might be worth checking out. Entry is $20 and the event starts at 7pm on Saturday, June 23rd.

A number of paranormal investigators have been to the Emmitt house. Check out one of the videos below. 

Personally I don't see why I should pay to see spirits when I can communicate with them all I like. One of my favorite things to do before I had motherly responsibilities is take a stroll through a cemetery with my husband. Back then I wasn't as strong of a medium, but I did OK sensing the spirits.

Have you ever toured a haunted house? Did you have any sightings or sense any spirits?


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