Friday, June 1, 2012

PBP: Nature Escape

Prompt: Nature Escapes

Revisiting an old prompt for this week...

"Everyone needs to get away from the daily life sometimes, and more often than not, Pagans need it more. An escape into Nature, even if just for a couple hours, or a whole day.

What kind of nature escapes do you have where you are? Do you have a local trail that you can simply take a walk on to escape? Or perhaps you have some neat hiking nearby... Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones that can simply escape into your own backyard, literally. Share pictures if you have them."

I unfortunately don't have a lot of natural areas around me easily accessible. Our area has a paved circle I walk around if I just want to leave the house for a minute. Its easy enough to put Wyatt in his stroller and just enjoy the day. My favorite time is in the late evening just before sundown. Its so peaceful, especially as we enter warmer months. 

Of course I live close by Serpent Mound, and as a Pagan its a wonderful place to go and relax and do a ritual if you want. But I have yet to go there. Life always gets in the way. But I'm sure one day we'll get the time to go. 

If I absolutely must get away, I seek the company of friends. Inanna's Spiritual Center is in Chillicothe, Ohio and it's my go to place if I'm seeking a little Pagan company and to touch base with a few friends.


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