Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Writing: Creation

Once in awhile I get the writing bug but don't want to work on my previous ideas. So I just open a document and write what comes to me. I honestly don't care if its a good or bad story, but I use these little exercises to improve my writing style. I tend to write in the 3rd person, so for today I decided to write in the 1st person.

Tell me what you think. Btw, I couldn't think of a good title so I just picked Creation. If you have a better suggestion I'd love to hear it. In which direction do you think this story might go?

Humans dream up stories of people who live forever. They dream of eternal youth and mythological creatures who mate with humans to give them eternal life. All just fairy tales of course. I am not a fairy tale though. I am as old as the Earth – I am the Earth, in a way. I created her. Don't ask me how. On the first day of my existence I just was. Nothing but blackness and myself existed. I explored myself and my power for many days. Then I decided I needed to create life, and Earth was born.

My options were only limited by my imagination. In those early years I made some very odd choices. Animals that started out small, and then grew so huge they towered over me. I was an ant compared to them. Even the ant I created was huge in comparison to modern standards.

My favorite was the Jurassic period. Such regal creatures. A T-Rex tried to eat me one time. Silly creature - he didn't recognize his Lord and Master. He pissed me off to tell you the truth. So I killed them all off. When you have your version of perfection, life gets really boring. Man dreams of a Utopia society, but if I allowed them to have it they'd hate life.

So I began to create the imperfect world that would be perfect for me. Early man was born, and over the centuries I made little tweaks to my design. When they say that man is made in Gods image, they aren't completely wrong. Man or woman, technically I am both and neither. I am what I wish to be. Most of the time I am feminine. My legs are long, lean and strong. I change my hair color daily depending on my mood. Most of the time I love to be a brunette. I've gone by many names throughout the centuries, but my favorite name is Gaia.

In April of 972 A.D. I attended the marriage of Otto II to Theophano, daughter of Romanus II. During that year I just couldn't get enough of Roman civilization. Theophano had the gall to call my brunette hair a mousy brown. In case all you blondes wonder why so many of you get teased for being a dumb blonde, you have her to thank for that. Now I know what you're thinking, that sounds really petty of me to curse blondes with stupidity. Well, it is. I'm not perfect either. I get angry, I take retribution, but I also have great compassion.

Take for instance, Noah. The people had become cocky and cruel. They had no respect for themselves, the Earth, or myself - except for Noah. I could have killed him and all the animals. I could have started over just like I did with the dinosaurs. But I took pity on man. See? Am I not compassionate to give mankind a second chance? I certainly think so.

Still, sometimes its good that a civilization falls. Take the Mayans for instance. They were so stupid it was really best they not be apart of the gene pool. I arrived as an old Mayan man, a seer by their standards. I played the part and in truth gave them a few true predictions. Which may have been a mistake because soon I became famous. Then came a time when the Mayan King ordered me to attend a party. I was amused to be ordered, but I bit back my irritation at the mans audacity and attended. It was then that the King asked when the world would end. I was flippant and said December 21, 2012. The date was so far away and I was already plotting how I would destroy the Mayan people and culture. How was I suppose to know that date would live on in peoples minds?

People ask me if God can die. I tell them no. At least as far as I know. They ask, but who created God? That's an answer not even I know. What I do know is that its 2012, and I no longer think my date was a flippant remark. At the time I didn't think about it, I just spoke. But everything else I said that night was a true prediction. Maybe the date was true to? I feel a change, and not one I've instigated. Natural disasters are happening without me making it so. I feel my powers are fading. I've been in denial for some time, but I can no longer deny that something is very wrong. But I won't give up, not without a fight. Whatever comes on December 21st, I'll be ready.


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