Friday, January 27, 2012

Finding My Balance

What does it mean to have Balance in our life? There are plenty of other blogs discussing why it is important to have balance in your life. If you don't understand I invite you to read Madame Molly's Balance post. But this isn't about why balance is important. It's about how it pertains to my life. Crafty Sandi recently did a reading for me and her message was about me finding my balance again. I didn't realized I'd lost my balance, but she's so right. I have!

Lance(DH) and I usually balance each other. He's normally the over the top happy (sometimes impulsive) guy who does everything to excess. He's also normally the leader. I'm more reserved, always thinking ahead, never impulsive and always must have a plan woman. I'm not a natural born leader, so I will give my input on important topics, but generally am willing to allow DH to have the final say. Put us together and we balanced each other out.

Now I find we are no longer in balance. My leader refuses to lead. He's no longer happy, nor impulsive or decisive. I know our move to Ohio was the right thing. I've always had a dream that I'd end up in Ohio and we'd be happier and more financially stable. Honestly I felt we could be "rich" in Ohio but not necessarily "in the millions rich." I felt we'd have a comfortable life and be happy.

Grasping that dream has been more elusive. I find that I must step into the leadership role. Yet it's not one that comes easy to me. Honestly, I'm afraid I will lead, and then make a bigger mess than we already have. I suppose that's the fear of any leader isn't it.

My biggest downfall is that I haven't followed my intuition. I've allowed my husband to stop me from doing that. I feel we are meant to live in or around Chillicothe. I know my DH is healthier when we join with other Pagans. We found a lovely Pagan group there. Yet both of us are naturally solitary creatures so it can be a challenge for us to integrate into a group.

I think to find our balance again, I need to step up. I've always said I don't let fear hold me back. Yet that's what I have done. Time to conquer my fears and step forward.

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  1. Sometimes we have to move from one end of the teeter totter, to the other end... You would think since it still functions the same....one end or the other shouldn't make a difference.... But...it does because....suddenly the things that used to be in front of you on your line of direct sight...are now behind you...out takes time to adjust...but soon you and your husband will find your rhythm again...



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