Monday, January 30, 2012

How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

Why You Should Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

Every interaction with natural materials leaves an energy impression upon the material. Over time that energy builds up and gives us an atmosphere that can be positive or negative depending on the person(s) leaving behind the energy. If someone is venting or negative while handling that material, then when an energy sensitive person holds that item they will feel uneasy, depressed, angry, etc... The same for the opposite. If a person is happy and energetic, the items they handle will feel happy and energizing.

Think of two people who are opposites. One person is the happy positive person. The other negative. Which person would you rather spend your time with? If they live in separate houses, the next time you visit pay attention to how the home makes you feel. Are you comfortable there? Do you want to spend a lot of time there? Or do you try to get in and out as soon as you possibly can? Our environment affects our own energy. When we have an unhealthy environment we feel drained, unhappy and unfocused.

When you spiritually cleanse your home you are removing any negativity that has built up and returning it to a positive state.

You may have heard of people "Cleansing their Aura". This is the removal of your negativity that you have built up in your Aura. The same thing happens in your home.

Methods Used to Cleanse Your Home

So how do we cleanse our home? Well there are different methods and which one you use is a personal choice. However don't forget the "mundane" cleaning and decorating. I know my husband is a pack rat, so everything can become cluttered. Cleaning out the clutter can help your flow of energy tremendously. Decorating also sets the mood for any room. If you want a little extra help in setting up a room for its maximum energy potential, check out Feng Shui techniques.

Elemental Cleanse : Salt & Water:

Probably the most common and easiest way to cleanse your home is to use elements like salt and water. When I have a new necklace I wish to cleanse I bury it in salt and set it in the sun for 3 days. At the end of the 3rd day I cleanse it with water.

The same can be done in your home. Spread salt (Any kind is fine) around the borders of your home and property. Create a ritual. What you say during the ritual is up to you as long as your intent is clear. All negativity should be banished and positive energy welcomed. As I do with the necklace, at the end of the 3rd day wash away the salt with water. This can be done during the full moon for maximum effect.  


Smoke can also be used to cleanse. We call this smudging and if your like me, you hate smoke. I know it seems contradictory to think of smoke as a cleansing tool. If you have asthma or young children I would not use this method.  Many cultures view tobacco and herbs such as sage as sacred. Smudging is burning these herbs in a container (I suggest a shell. Nothing metallic that will get hot and burn you) while you fan the smoke with a feather and do your ritual. This is a very effective way to spiritually cleanse as long as you don't mind the smoke and smell it leaves behind.

Any of my Pagan brethren have other ways you like to cleanse your home?


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