Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Is Tattooing a Minor, Child Abuse?

This Georgia Mommy didn't think so. When her son Gaquan wanted to remember his brother who died in an accident, her son chose to get a memorial tattoo. This mom thought that if she gave her permission that it was OK. Not according to Georgia state law however. Under the law no one under 18 is allowed to get a tattoo.

While I think there are other ways to remember a lost loved one that doesn't include tattooing a minor, it's up to the child and parent(s) decision on whether a child gets a tattoo. It certainly makes a difference to me that this is a tattoo in remembrance and not something frivolous.  His tattoo will always have meaning.

This mommy was arrested and charged with child abuse. Do you agree with the states decision? I know a lot of people think Child Protective Services are increasingly out of line on what they label child abuse. While I think CPS does do some good, cases like this continue to prove a point. The Government wants to control your house hold and how you parent.

I see this as similar to other forms of body modification commonly performed on children - piercings and circumcision. Both cosmetic, both I believe should be up to the person receiving them.


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