Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little Something Missing

When I was a kid I grew up poor but that didn't stop my mother from having horses. Actually it's a subject that is a bit sore between us. Though I loved having horses, we had less because we couldn't afford to take care of them and ourselves properly. I'm someone who will not have an animal if I can't reasonably afford to provide it and myself basic needs. I grew up in a trailer park with raw sewage running behind the trailer. Think of the stink in the summer time! But the rent was cheap so hey, all was good for my mother.

All was not well for me, and when I moved out and married I knew my dream of owning horses had to go. The last horse I owned was a horse named Diablo. My mother had taken me to a horse auction and bought a paint gelding for me when I was about 15 yrs old. I was excited to have my own horse again. Unfortunately days later it became apparent that my horse had been given Bute (A drug that makes horses forget their pain for a short time). Diablo was suffering from Laminitis. If a horse can't walk, its a dead horse. He also developed kidney failure after a pasture mate kicked him on his side. We tried to help him but in the end the vet recommended a very expensive surgery we couldn't afford with little hope for success. So we did the only other choice we had, which was say goodbye to Diablo. I only rode him one time for about 30 minutes. He had a short time when he seemed to pick up in spirits and health and I took the advantage of riding him bareback. We only walked, but it was a good last ride.

My husband is not a horse person. He calls them big ugly dogs. But I've always planned for when I get that fantasy life where money grows on trees. I will get my farm. Doesn't need to be that big. Maybe a 5 horse barn and 20 acres or so. And Dh can have his classic cars; 1978 Trans Am included. (His favorite).

So when I'm dreaming about having my own horse again, I go on equine websites. Sometimes I look at The Bureau of Land Managements (BLM) Mustang auctions. I really find it sad that their pulled out of the wild and thrust into pens.

But most of the time I look for my dream horse. Before I moved to KY I had my dream horse and I want him again! The one I had is long dead. His name was Freeway. He was a big red and white Medicine Hat gelding and all push button. The slightest move of my foot or pressure on the reigns and he'd turn, lope, gallop, whatever I asked it was done with the slightest touch or pressure. Put a child on his back and his head would drop and he'd be the most docile horse. Put an adult on his back and he had the energy to go. When we moved we had to sell him. I helped sand and paint a truck and horse trailer for him. And in a short 6 months he was sold.

So now, I search for horses like him. I love Reining. One of my favorite videos to watch is Stacy Westfall's ride that is dedicated to her dad. I can't imagine doing a competition just 24 hrs after his death. If you haven't watched this video before, prepare for a tear-jerker.

So since I can't buy a horse of my own, I play silly little kids games with horses. Yeah I know its a bit childish. But hey what can you do?

The one I go on the most is A Virtual Horse . I like the graphics better there. Though the monotony of entering shows is a bit boring. I'm waiting for them to make a game where you can actually ride the horse in shows instead of just entering a bunch of shows by link.

OK so now ya know if I ever win the lottery I'll need about a 20 acre farm. And lets not forget, DH's cars to make him happy.

If you had all the money you needed, what would be your dream come true?


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