Friday, January 20, 2012

PBP: Hereditary Witches

Prompt: All in the Genes?

This may seem a bit weird, but....

Is it hereditary?

I had to think about my wording on this one... I had to leave it vague, because I wanted it to be as open to interpretation as possible.

What I'm referring to here can be magic, witchcraft, spirituality, the things you can do that others around you cannot, etc. Another way to put it might be "Do you come from a family of Witches?" but that only works if you see yourself as a witch. Get what I'm trying to say here?

What you do and who you are - did it come from your bloodline? Or is it something you discovered and nurtured on your own?

I've always believed that Religion is a choice, not hereditary. But were talking more than just religious beliefs here. Were talking about natural ability to use your will to manipulate energy (Magick). I do think that can be hereditary.

In my family it's common for the women to have lucid dreams; especially as it relates to children and other loved ones. I believe that everyone has psychic ability, though it may be hereditary that someone is more adept than another.

My own mother can be very focused. So much so that what she is worried about often becomes true because she's so focused on it. Unfortunately her focus is on the negative aspects. She's never been diagnosed as a hypochondriac, but I firmly believe she is one. When my daughter was little I hired my mother to babysit for me. This was a huge mistake on my part, but being a nervous first time mom I wasn't too keen on the idea of hiring a stranger. My mother babysat for me for 2 years, and in those two years my daughter was more sick than she's ever been in her life. Every sniffle or slight cough my mother heard, she would spend days where she would tell my daughter DD was getting sick. My daughter would repeat it, believing my mother. And in about a week she would be. My daughter loved to do fake coughs then. She found that if she did it, she'd get attention from my mother who couldn't tell the difference. After we changed to a different sitter and DD was no longer told every few weeks she was getting sick, her health improved. My mothers focus on the negative makes anyone she focuses on sick. Again and again I can give examples of my mother doing this to herself, her animals, and our family. Its gotten so bad that I've banned her from ever speaking about health related problems in my home.

I think the basic talents I have are things everyone can do if they have the belief and knowledge. But they also need to be learned and honed. Like the example of my mother, she has ability, but it is uncontrolled. This can be dangerous and self-defeating.  But there are also a few talents I am better at than others such as my healing ability. Though my methods are different than my past family members, many of expressed their amazement when they prayed over someone for improved health and got results. It seems my family does have a higher level of focus, but because it's untrained it depends on the person on whether they do good or bad deeds with it.


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