Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Pagan Afterlife

This is my first post for the Pagan Blog Project.  For the letter A I'd like to talk about the Pagan Afterlife. I've already discussed my Thoughts on the Afterlife. But this isn't a repeat of why I believe in reincarnation or what the meaning of life is. I'd like to delve into how we picture the afterlife to look. Is it a meadow where we can run around picking daisies to our hearts content? Is it a vortex where we meet our lost loved ones? Is it a bridge with rainbows? How do you foresee the afterlife to look, feel, taste, smell? Is it just like life? Are we always happy or can we be sad there too?

Ultimately we all must answer these questions ourselves. And I don't believe there are wrong answers because I believe our perception is what dictates our reality in the afterlife.

My perception of the afterlife is just a group of friends sitting around a table talking about what is important to us. Helping one another and working a little witchy magick when needed. Perhaps in the afterlife instead of helping one another we'll be looking down on our descendants and helping them. Whatever the afterlife is, I hope it won't be a boring meadow. I really hate daisies.

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