Sunday, January 15, 2012

Odd Dreams

It's not abnormal for me to have odd dreams. But this one is a bit out there even for me. I dreamed of cleaning out an old closet. In it were items of my mothers.

First, I was putting things away. Some of it was cloths. I remember seeing my closet (From my childhood) and the walls and doors were gone. I was irritated over that and blamed my MIL for taking the walls and door off. I remember moving around some dishes and thinking after I organized this stuff and put away cloths that I'd do them.

I remember my daughter and a friend of hers playing in the house. I told my DD to put away her things, and somewhere nearby was my son though he was older. I'd say he was perhaps 4 or 5 in the dream.

I put things away and then found an old box with old sticky pads in it. Most of them were written on. Some old receipts were in the box as well. I was going through them. A few were notes on a story, I saved those. Others were just little inconsequential notes that meant nothing to me. I threw those away. I remember seeing a receipt for new carpet, though I don't remember us ever buying new carpet. My mother was saying I didn't even know what most of it was, and I made a bet that I did. I won the bet.

Vintage Razor
Then I started seeing items I remember we actually had when I was a kid. One was my mothers razor. She had an old 70's razor when I was a kid like the one in the picture. There was something else that heated up wax for shaving, and a train that you put a quarter in and it was suppose to do something, but was broken.

These are all so weird to dream of. But it did all revolve around old things of my mothers. Perhaps I should call her and ask about them! Maybe she needs to do some cleaning out.

Does anyone do dream interpretation? My DH does but since he isn't here at the moment and I felt compelled to write about the dream so I don't forget it, I'll ask my readers. Do you find any meaning in that jumble of weird events?


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