Friday, January 20, 2012

Goddess of the Rising Sun

For this weeks Pagan Blog Project, I'd like to talk about a Goddess well known for her image. She's the daughter of Ra and is said to have protected Ra from the serpent god Apep on his ride to bring the sun everyday. Therefore she is known as the Goddess of the Rising Sun and the All seeing Eye. If your a cat lover, perhaps you already know who I'm talking about.

She is Bast. Other names associated with her are Bastet and  Basthet. I simply call her the Cat Goddess. To the ancient Egyptians cats were protected, probably because they ate vermin which in turn kept the level of disease down. She's said to have great night vision and is associated with both the Sun and the Moon. 

In mythology Bast kills Apep and is then associated with fertility since her deed insured Ra would bring the sun which in turn helped fertilize the land to grow crops.

Bast is seen as a household protector. Her motherly instincts are often called upon to help with fertility, childbirth and protect the young. 

Bast has a reputation for being sensual. She's is said to be the partner of both men and women. (She had three acknowledged husbands) She's associated with the color red, dancing, and music. 

Bast teaches us to dance to our own beat. Just like a cat who comes when they want, not when called. Our beliefs should be decided on our own, not by what others tell us we should believe. I think every Pagan can learn something from her. In a world where we are pressured to fit in, Bast teaches us how to be comfortable with being ourselves and being proud of that fact. 



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