Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One Small Step For a Better Smile

Today I had an appointment with a dental surgeon. All of my life I have had bad teeth. I decided since I have the opportunity that I am going to get dentures. There is no saving my teeth. My problems started when I was a child. My teeth came in crooked and my mother never had them straightened. Matter of fact I can remember maybe two times I saw a dentist throughout my whole childhood.

All of my life I have tried not to smile around people. I kind of give this closed mouth grin that just makes me look weird in social situations. But I don't want to give a real smile because I don't want them staring at my mouth, or worse commenting on my rotten teeth. I've had people curl their lips in disgust of my teeth. Yeah I know their nasty, not much I could do!

Well now that's changed and I can't wait till I can give a real smile and not be ashamed of my teeth.

My surgery is in June unless someone cancels and it gets bumped up. Seems like a long time away but I know it will be here before I know it. One thing I have to remember to do is take a picture of me with my natural teeth just as a record. I want to look back and see what was and compare it to what will be.


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