Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome to the New Year

Hail fellow and well met to the New Year and to my readers. It's 2012 and that means new beginnings. I'm really needing a new beginning so I hope January will be our month for moving forward in our life. Last year was about big changes and a lot of them were hard on us. Now that were over the shock, were trying to settle down into our new life. With a lot of positive thinking and maybe a bit of luck, hopefully soon we'll have a place of our own.

I had applied for housing many moons ago, but never received a reply other than we were on the list. Well last week we did get a reply that we are on the top of the list. The problem we've had in getting housing is that our ex-landlord isn't too happy with us. So he's not giving us a good reference. So I hope we can overcome that.

I've also decided that I need to do something about my teeth. Growing up poor meant I only saw the dentist a handful of times in my life. I'm sure it was no more than maybe 4 times until I became an adult. And then I didn't have insurance or money for the dentist so the only time I went was when I had a toothache. Needless to say my teeth are bad. I needed braces as a child and never got them. I don't smile because I hate my teeth. Many are broken and just plain nasty. I went to the dentist the other day and he confirmed what I already knew. Most are not worth saving. And even if we could save them, the insurance I have right now wouldn't pay for it. But it will pay for dentures so that is what I'm going to do. I feel a bit scared. I've always had a phobia of dentists. It resulted from a very bad experience with the first dentist I ever saw. He was just plain mean.

OK enough of that topic. I have made a few changes to the look of my blog. I've also changed my button though you shouldn't see much of a difference. I've changed it from a JPG to a PNG and made the background transparent so you don't have that ugly white background behind it. I've also got a new banner and background on my blog. I think it looks nice. Tell me how it works for you? 

Well I spent my New Year like usual. Sitting here playing on the Internet and half paying attention to the TV. I am so boring! lol

I also joined Pagan Cultures 2012 book challenge.

I got books for Christmas so I've been reading them. Right now I'm reading "Once Touched, Never Forgotten" by Natasha Tate. It's not one of my favorites, but it is a romance and if you've learned anything about me over these past few months is that I'm all about love. *wink*

But I can't wait till I can dive into the book I won from Magaly's giveaway. I won Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon. And it's a testament to my strength of will that I haven't devoured it already. But I didn't want to start another book while I'm reading the first.

So what did you do for New Years? Did you kiss your honey? Dh quickly gave me a smooch and then went to bed. He's not a night owl by any means. lol But I stayed up till 3 am this morning. My son certainly takes after me because he hates to sleep!


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Blessed Be,