Friday, August 12, 2011

Energy Healing: My Way

I do Energy Healings different from most people I know. I learned from my husband, and I find it works most of the time as long as I can focus. Thats the hardest part for me. If I'm tired its just not going to happen. Otherwise this is a great tool if your a Pagan mother. I don't know how many times I've been up all hours of the night with a sick child and have relied on energy healing to help. Over the counter medicine only treats the symptoms, with my healing, it gets down to the problem.
Here is the basic steps I take to heal.
1st I have to ground myself. If you use your own energy you try to heal small things but its not going to be as effective and you will tire yourself out quickly. Connect to Spirit and you have an unlimited supply of pure positive energy.

2nd Look at the aura. I can sense the aura. If one particular part looks clouded that is usually where the physical health problem is. If your spiritual health has declined, then follows your physical health.

3rd I send positive energy through my hands to a targeted area. One hand is sending energy, the other I'm taking away the negative.
Now most healers will say "Don't take it in you. " Which is true you don't want to take negative energy into you if you are going to keep it. I let it go however. Once I am finished with the healing I can sense that the aura and chakra associated with the targeted area is better, I meditate and allow the Goddess to take the negative energy. I cleanse myself so I no longer hold onto it. If I didn't do this, I'd be harming myself.

While I'm doing the healing, I can feel the persons pain and emotions. This is empathy and I use it to help me target the area. If I didn't release the pain to Spirit I'd continue to feel it.

Some other rules I follow while healing,
1. I never attempt to heal someone without their permission.
2. I don't rely only on energy healings to solve the problem. Western medicine does have its place!

If you've tried one energy healer and it didn't do much for you, try a different one or a different type of healer. You'll find all methods and all healers are not created equal. Even if you've tried one healer and they were not successful one time, allow them to give a second try. Sometimes were just not feeling up to a healing that day.
I hope this has given you a little insite into spiritual healing.
Blessings, Love and Light


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