Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salem's Meditations: Walking with Animals

When I first began meditating it was hard to let my mind wonder. I was always afraid I was doing it wrong. I couldn't relax until I began meditating to one specific song that led me on a journey through the woods with animals. I lost the song long ago, but I still like to walk with the animals once in awhile.

Some people believe that each animal has a specific meaning or message to bring to us. This kind of meditation is wonderful if you have a problem and are unsure of what decision to make. Or maybe you just feel spiritually lost and need guidance. This can also help you find your animal guide.

The turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth and protection.

To begin start by putting on your favorite meditation music. I find for this kind of meditation, Native American flute music works well. Find a quiet space where you will be comfortable and will not be interrupted. I always begin by focusing on my breathing. Relax each body part starting with your toes and work your way up.  Visualize a door. Beyond this door is what you seek. When you are ready, open the door and enter. Beyond this doorway is woods with large pines. Become aware of what you see and hear around you. Maybe you hear birds chirping, see a snake track, hear a wolf howling, or a crow in the distance. Recognize the sights and sounds. Begin walking through the woods. Far beyond you see a clearing, go toward it. On your way perhaps you meet a few animals. Sometimes they will bring a message with them.

As you near the clearing, notice a stream running nearby. I like to sit by the water and allow the flow run through my hands. Sometimes fish come near me or turtles. Other times I sit on a rock by the stream and sing a song or play an instrument. My favorite is a flute or harp. As I play animals may come out of the woods to listen.

As you end your meditation do not forget to thank the spirit animals for visiting.
Begin to become more aware of your body from your head to your toes as you come awake revitalized and perhaps...with those answers you have sought.

After this meditation I like to look up the meanings of each animal I've met in my meditation. The book I recommend for this is Animal Speak: The Spiritual and Magical Powers of  by Creatures great and small. Written by Ted Andrews


  1. This sounds like a wonderful way to meditate! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I was sitting outside at around 1:00am some mornings ago while a young rabbit came up to me, I sat quite motionless for I wanted to cherish every moment.

  2. Your welcome Lon. I use to see rabbits daily. Rabbit is a sign of fertility btw. ;)



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