Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Had a good Mommy night out

So for awhile I've neglected my spirituality. Its no wonder considering all we've dealt with the past year. Last week we found a Pagan spiritual center and attended a meeting there. Tonight I went to a woman's meeting. I was going to take Wyatt but he was sleeping, so I decided daddy could take care of the kids for awhile. I deserve a night out without worrying about being a mom.

I'm so glad I went. I kept thinking about it off and on all week. I'd say I wouldn't go, then say yeah I would. Finally I just figured if I've thought about it this much there must be something there for me, and I was right.
One of the ladies there had a migraine. One of the things I'm good at is Energy healing. So I took away her headache. I'm sure it will come back if she doesn't work on her Chakra's and meditation, but for now I gave her a reprieve. After taking away her headache I meditated to release the headache and got the message that I'd better get back "in the saddle" as it were. I really have been shamefully neglectful of Goddess.

I taught a little about how I do energy work and answered a few of their questions. We talked of other things and had a good time.
So 2 hrs away from Dh and the kids and no one was hurt. See I knew daddy could take care of it. ;) Though I was happy to be back and cuddle with my lil man.


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