Saturday, August 6, 2011

Had a wonderful time meeting new Pagans

Today we went to Chillicothe and met some wonderful men and women. The Inanna Spiritual Center is ran by some wonderful ladies. I didn't ask but I take it the place has just recently opened and thats OK. :) I was asked to join them as a minister. I'm ordained through the Universal Life Church. Though I haven't registered in Ohio as a minister, thats just some technical papers I need to take care of. I've never really used my ordination for anything other than spiritual counseling. But it would be great to take a more active roll in my ministry.
There was also another mother there who breast feeds, delay vaccines, co-sleeps, cloth diaper wearing momma. Yay for meeting new moms. :) Her little girl is 7 months old and Wyatt is as big as her. lol.
For now going to Chillicothe often might be too expensive. But I do want to keep in contact with this group. I was afraid once we moved away from KY we might be isolated from the Pagan community. I'm glad to see there are more Pagans here than I originally thought.


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