Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Grandpa was a Son of a Biche'

 armyPCF Donald K. Smith served in Co L. 399th Regiment, 100th infantry Division, seventh army.
For those looking at the word Biche', no it is not a misspelling.
Its Oct 6th 1944, and my grandfather is leaving the United states headed for the front line in Baccarat, France. During that time the 100th infantry fought a bloody battle on the front lines, loosing many men, but pushing the Germans back. During the 100th's 6 months of combat, 916 men were killed, 3,656 were injured, 180 men went missing. Over 500 men earned silver stars as well as many other metals of honor.
The fortress town of Biche' was a key location that had withstood attacks for 200 years. No one until the 100th arrived, was able to take the city over. Biche' was under siege for 3 winter months, finally falling March 16, 1945.
For the men and women who have given their blood and life for others, I honor them. May they always live on in our hearts.


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