Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stones & Crystals

I am by no means an authority on stones and crystals. But I realized as I was thinking up new topics for my blog that I rarely speak about them. However they happen to be an integral part of my craft. In my opinion no alter is complete without at least two crystals on it; most of the time more.
I'm one of those that has to take the information card with me or I will completely forget what the stone is called and its metaphysical properties. That's OK, witches can be forgetful too. My favorite crystal is Amethyst. Not only is it beautiful but I find the most uses for it. Its related to the moon, psychic ability, meditation. Basically anything related to the mind can be associated with Amethyst.

Another favorite of mine is red garnet. Dh and I really love to fight over this one because we both love it for jewelry. We have learned to share over the years though. So I'll wear garnet for awhile and then he can wear it. Because we so wonderfully balance each other doing this imbues the crystal with our energy so when Dh is having a particularly bad bipolar day, he can focus on that crystal to give him a little boost of my energy.

Some others I love are moonstone, tigers eye, quartz, and opal. 

What crystals do you find yourself drawn to?

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