Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pagan Blog Prompt: Tools

Prompt: Your Tools

What tools do you use, if any?
Tarot or other divination tools?
Athame, chalice, candles, wand, etc?

Why have you chosen to use these tools? How do you prepare and maintain them? Where/how do you store them?

Pictures are encouraged and welcomed, if you feel so inclined.
Raw Crystals I mined for.
 I find that the tools that work best for me are ones I've made myself or find in nature. Crystals are a large part of what I use. Most often I use garnet, amethyst, quartz, and tigers eye. Though I have several and a lot I can't even identify because I've forgot what they are! One of the things I have done is mine for our own crystals at a place near Mammoth Cave. It was very neat and I came away with some wonderful raw crystals. 

When I had my own space to dedicate to my hobbies, I made candles. I loved doing this! I found that my own candles were much better in magical uses than store bought. Though the cost of doing it was a bit more than I wanted to spend. It was still worth it to me and I even made back a little bit of my cost by selling some candles to friends.

Because my husband and I often work together we blend Eclectic Wicca & Native American Shamanism. One thing he often does is give an offering of tobacco. So this has become an important tool for us both.
Feathers, water, shells, and other natural elements are things I can incorporate into our craft.

Do you ever just go walking in the woods and find little interesting things? Well when I can I go walking and find natural elements I work with. Its a great time to reflect on what I need to manifest in my life and so soothing for the soul. :)
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  1. I used to love using crystals. Until I read up on the damage done to the environment in order to obtain them. I still use the ones I have got at home, but I won't be buying many new ones...



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