Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of 4th grade

Its official. I have a 4th grade daughter. :) Today she began her first day. Its a good thing I sleep lightly or she would have been late for her first day. I had my husband set the alarm clock but he set it for PM instead of AM. I should know better than to allow him to set the clocks!

Funny story, when I first began school my mother took me to the bus stop. I was afraid of strangers and when she started to put me on the bus I totally freaked out. I locked my knees so she couldn't force me to walk onto the bus. The bus driver was trying to coax me on, some kids were just staring at me, others were trying to get me on too. Finally my mother had to just take me to school herself. Except I wouldn't let her leave.

The teacher finally distracted me with a toy. It was 10 minutes before I realized my mother was no longer there. Then I think I screamed for a good 20 minutes. I missed my mommy!

My daughter
With Sierras first day I wasn't there to put her on the bus. That has been something I've always regretted. But again my mother got to put my daughter on the bus. I'm thankful she was the total opposite of me. She was really ready to go. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we got her all hyper about going to school. However that wore off fast when she came home and kicked my mother in her shin, then proceeded to tell her she was the worst grandmother ever and she was never going back to school. lol Eventually she got over it and likes school.

On another note, don't you hate when you think of a topic that you really think you can write about and then you forget it? I should have wrote it down. I know better than to not to. But I thought, hey I'll start writing about it in twenty minutes or so when I finally get the time. Guess what, 3 minutes later I don't remember! Oh well. Maybe I'll think of it later.


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