Friday, March 23, 2012

Demons in our Mist

Sabrina over on One Witch's Wonderland did a poll on if Pagan's believe in demons. Her results are that most Pagans do believe in some form of Demon.

Several years ago I met a woman that was constantly saying she saw demons during rituals. She'd step in front of people to "protect" the person if she saw a demon ready to attack.

Unfortunately this story isn't unique. Lots of other people have met this type of person. They are obsessed with demons and trying to protect the ones they love.

I think those who say they constantly see demons are honestly misguided. Maybe they are afraid of spirits and believe all spirits are inherently evil. This is not accurate.

What are Demons

Please remember this is just my opinion, and I'm certainly no authority and am not trying to change anyone's views.

To me Demons are spirits who have lost their way. There is a natural cycle for a spirit. They live their life, die, and are reborn again. This cycle repeats until hopefully they achieve spiritual enlightenment. But what happens if the spirit is unable to achieve spiritual enlightenment?  For whatever reason, I believe there are some spirits who are not able to achieve any kind of spiritual enlightenment due to their own faults. So in their own misguided way they become Demons with their own agenda.

I don't believe there is a horde of demons led by an ultimate evil bent on the destruction of man kind. I don't believe there is a demon lurking around every street corner.

I do believe there are many spirits, and not all of them are ready to accept a spiritual existence.

What about you? Do you believe in Demons and what are your view on them? 


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