Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting Back to Me

I feel good. Despite our living situation which constantly plagues my good humor, adding an exercise and diet routine I think is very healthy for me both physically and mentally. It feels like one more step toward a better future.

Before my life went to hell, I had started to loose weight. I joined curves and met some very nice women. I LOVED curves. I realize their circuit gets a bad rap because its not very challenging for some people. But for someone like me who is morbidly obese and has an anxiety of working out with men, it was the perfect solution. Not to mention I got a lot of one on one with the trainer.

With the YMCA I have yet to actually see a trainer. There was one attendant there, but he seemed more like a custodian than there to help you. So far I've stuck to just walking on the treadmill for 10 minutes. That's sufficient to make me a bit light headed, so I'm sticking with that for now. But I also added swimming to my day today.

I love getting in that pool! Though I'm not a strong swimmer, I did venture out to the 8 foot part of it today. I was very proud of myself for being brave. I've never wrote about this before, but I believe I drowned in a past life. So me and water kind of have this love/hate thing going.

I love to be in it, love to meditate while floating on the water. But I also get paranoid when I know my feet can't touch the bottom. So most of the time I stay in the 3 ft area. My daughter is the same way and she hates to get her face wet.

The good news is I lost weight this week, though its not much. Remember I just started this on Tuesday. So on Tuesday I weighed 265 lbs. Today, 263. So not much difference but its a start.

My muscles aren't as sore. I think the swimming is really helping with that. Tomorrow is a skip it day to just rest and then back for more on Monday. I hope I can convince Dh to go with me then since he won't have to work. Its so much better when we do this together.

Have a wonderful and lazy Sunday everyone!


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