Saturday, March 31, 2012

Witchy Candlemaking

One of the witchy crafts I use to do is candle making. Ever since in High School when we did a class reenactment of a renaissance fair and my project was to make dipped taper candles I've had a fascination with making my own candles. Years later while I was working as a silk screen printer, I finished a project printing bottles for scent oils for a candle supply company called Pheasant Pluckers. (Yeah we really had some good laughs over that name!)

I decided to order materials from Pheasant Pluckers and make my own candles. I really saw a huge difference in my spiritual practice when I made my own candles. As we all know, the more energy you put into your work the better and stronger affect. Unfortunately the supplies were fairly expensive and I went a bit overboard with the different kinds of molds I bought. I think I spent nearly $200 in just one order, and I made several orders!

My supplies lasted me a long time and I even made some special orders for friends. As a matter of fact I think I may still have 2 lbs of Paraffin wax stored at my mothers place.

I'm really missing my candle making supplies right now. I wish I had the room to have included them in my car when I moved. But I didn't, and now I'm stuck with minimal candles and no way to make my own again.

Yesterday I made a prosperity alter in hopes of winning that huge 640 Million Mega-Jackpot. It didn't happen unfortunately. The Gods didn't see fit to give me all that money. But maybe some good is coming our way. Just look at this candle. I left it burning all day long. I snapped this picture seconds after it burned out.

Flame was burning on just the wax!
 As you can see the whole left side burned. The flame was just on the wax. The wick was NOT burning at all. When I took out the camera and turned it on to shoot this picture the flame died. I assume whatever deity or spirit was attending last night didn't want their picture taken! Even though we didn't get our wish to win all those millions, I hope this means our need for a positive change is on the way. So thanks to the Lord & Lady for their blessing.

Do you make your own candles or hand make other spiritual supplies?

Btw, this black candle is not of my making. I bought it from my friend Linda before I left KY. Though I know she buys all her candles from another crafty sister witch.


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