Friday, March 9, 2012

Pray For a Miracle

Today I came across this story about a couple who relied on faith to heal their 17 year old son. First I'd like to say there is nothing wrong with seeking healing from the Divine. Matter of fact I encourage it! But only relying on the Divine to intercede to solve a problem is (IMO) foolish. Especially when that problem can be solved easily by modern medicine. If Faith is all the hope you have left, by all means pray harder than you ever have before. But it shouldn't be your only course of action.

The Divine asks us to do the "work". (IE Take action to bring about the desired result). That would mean, GO TO THE DOCTOR. The Divine and Modern medicine can and often do work together.

Years ago I was searching for a car in my price range. We stopped at a place that had 10 or so used cars. Obviously it was a mom and pop kind of business. We gave them our price range (Which was really low) and they said they couldn't help us. Their advice, go to church and pray for a car.

What, was God going to throw down a car in our driveway if we prayed hard enough? After a few laughs and explaining that we are Pagan and don't believe God will just solve all our problems, we left and eventually found the car we could afford. But it took WORK. When it was meant to be, I picked up a newspaper a coworker had left sitting in the cafeteria. In it I found the perfect car for a great price. It was actually a little cheaper than we were looking for.

*Do you believe those who solely rely on faith to heal and never seek help from a medical    professional should be prosecuted, as in this story's case?

*Do you believe you can pray and things will just be handed to you?


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