Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dream of House

Its not often I remember my dreams but when I do I try to write them down in some way. I dreamed of looking at an empty house last night. It was dark and very spooky. Definitely a fixer upper! Its a very old home but with lots of character.

The driveway is very long and on both sides are shrubs and trees. Matter of fact the whole place is surrounded by trees.

When I walked in the door immediately to my left was a kitchen. Then on my right are rooms and stairs and in the back all I saw was darkness, but I think there was a living room. I didn't see the upstairs at all except from the outside.

The outside is cobblestoned. I think there is some kind of porch but I didn't draw that in because I don't remember it well.

I don't know what we were doing, but in the dream DH had some kind of laser pointer thing he attached to a tree and had it shine into a window through the kitchen. He seemed very pleased like he was checking something. Don't know what that was though.

Now I have lived in a home similar to this. Also very old, cobblestoned in front. But the layout was completely different. 


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