Friday, March 16, 2012

PBP: Mercury Retrograde

Prompt: Another Mercury Retrograde

Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky.... and for some people that means nothing. For others, however, who pay attention to the stars and the planets, Mercury moving backwards can mean a lot of things....

So, first off, do you pay attention to these Retrogrades?
If so, do you prepare for them?
Does knowing that it is happening make it easier to deal with the challenges that appear?

If you didn't know it was happening, would it still affect your life?

Any thoughts on this current Retrograde?

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To be honest I don't pay attention to what phase were in as much as I probably should.  I take note if there's a retrograde and I usually comment to my husband to expect more mood swings because I do think he is effected by the moons phase and the planets positions. I wish there was more studies on the planets, stars and moon in relation to human emotion and mental health. Unfortunately there is not. So I'll just have to maintain my opinion that my husband goes a little more wacko during times of full moons and retrogrades.


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