Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Joined the YMCA

So today I joined the YMCA. The whole family went tonight. Dh lifted a few weights while me, baby boy and Sierra went out on the playground to play. For some reason the child watch area was empty so I had to stay with Wyatt. But after about 20 mins Dh came out so I could go in and do a workout myself.

I did the treadmill for 10 minutes. Just walking with an incline but I need to build up to actually running on the thing. Before I started I weigh...

265 lbs which is pre-pregnancy weight. So I can't even blame it on the baby.

Here's today's pictures.

Wish me luck! Joining the YMCA and using the fitness area is really forcing me to face one fear of mine. I hate working out with men around. Especially ones that are muscle bound brutes. Ok so I know not all men with huge muscles are brutes, but its just what comes to mind when I see huge muscle men.

But no one paid me any mind at all. And by the end of my 10 minutes I was a bit shaky. So for now I think that's my cut off time.


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