Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relationship with Deity

I think most people of any religion will tell you they have some kind of relationship with Deity. But I'm not quite sure we all mean the same thing when we say that. To me, Isis is my mother and best friend all wrapped up into one. She's my sister witch.

When I first made the decision that Eclectic Wicca was my true calling, I sought to make that connection with deity. Who came to me was Isis. During that meditation she introduced herself to me as my sister witch. I want to say almost as an equal because on many levels we are. But she is also my teacher as well.

Today I found myself thinking about that first time with her. I was in her temple and we were bathing in her black pool. For those who do not know, black is the color of creation. So I always associate water with Isis. Today I was at the YMCA pool again and found myself for once alone. I was able to relax a bit and make a tentative connection with her. It wasn't long because your never alone for long in a public pool. But it was good to just touch on that energy even if I didn't get to complete the meditation. I really want to sink into her black pool and revitalize my spirit as I did that first time when we walked into the black pool together, and when I surfaced we were one.

I can feel that connection slipping, and I know its been too long since I've meditated.

I know there are other ways to maintain and strengthen your bond with deity as well. But for Isis, I've always just relied on water meditations. In what ways do you connect with Spirit daily?

When I was a child I used to write a letter to Deity. I had no specific one in mind then, and little did I know I was being a little bit witchy even then. But after writing and reading it aloud I'd burn it. I've been thinking perhaps I should take this up again. I love that a letter can be as personal as you like, doesn't have to rhythm or be anything fancy. It's just like a letter you'd write your mom or best friend.

I wish there were some woods close by. A reconnect with nature would also be helpful! Maybe I can convince Dh to go to Serpent Mound this weekend. 


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Blessed Be,