Monday, March 26, 2012

Outside the Box

So today my very dear friend Linda from Moonstruck is going to be doing a Pagan's Tonight talk radio interview. She posted about it today on her FB feed. I'm so happy for her! I can't wait to hear it. If you'd like to tune in, it starts at 10:15 pm.

After checking out Pagan's Tonight I nosed around Blog Talk Radio and found someone doing online readings. So I figured, why not. I was a bit skeptical because everything the reader was saying was full of sunny flowers and roses type messages. We all know life just isn't all positive. But when she got to me she definitely wasn't positive. lol. Well serves me right huh.

My question was of course about our financial and living arrangement. She basically said look out of the box, that she didn't think I'd make any progress until August - September (God I hope not that long!) and that she thought I'd find something in sales.

I'd be horrible at sales! I'm not the salesman type. I'm really not that good of a people person and for that kind of job you have to have a certain kind of charisma I just don't possess.

So not really sure how to take her reading. But I'm hoping she is just very off.

I've been trying to think outside the box this whole time. First with my Gypsy living idea, then trying to get Dh to go back to school, etc etc.. Nothing I suggest or say or do seems to work.

You know what I'd really like to do, travel! All my life I've only ever been a handful of places. I've felt so sheltered my entire life. I'd love that chance to see more of the world.

I don't often talk about my father. He was an ass that left us when I was just 3 yrs old. But he was a truck driver. I remember wondering where he was often when I was a child. I knew he traveled the country. I also tried to get DH to go to a truck driving school here, but he won't do it either. He says he thinks the driving would hurt his back. And I know driving often hurts him so that's nothing knew to me. I often have to drive for him when his back or neck is sore. He has degenerative disk disease, pinched nerves, etc... Sitting for long periods is painful for him. I want to say, get off your ass and do it anyway. But I know that's unfair. After all I couldn't do a job when I was required to walk all day. (I have Plantar Fisciitis Inflammation).

I just want to be taken care of and not feel like I have to be the one to solve all our problems.

Sorry for the ramble today. I don't always mean to get so negative. But this is where I am in my life.


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