Friday, March 2, 2012

PBP: Magical Herbs

Prompt: Magical Herbs

The weather is warming up and the time for planting is close. While some gardeners focus on edibles (veggies and fruits), a lot of Pagans grow herbs for kitchen use as well as magical use.

Do you use herbs in your practice? Do you grow them or purchase them from someone else?

What are your favorite herbs to work with?

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Certain spells and practices I use herbs. First of all I like herbal teas as health remedies. One of my favorites is mint tea. My husband often has an upset stomach so this is my fall back for when he's complaining about it. Sage is also a must have for me. I use it for purification like smudging. 
I also like Lavender for the lovely scent. I especially like to buy lavender soap. I've used some others but I can't recall their names right now. But if I want to boost one of my spells purpose I can and will use herbs. 
Oh and Dh is part Native American so he uses tobacco often as an offering to Mother Earth. 


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