Sunday, March 11, 2012

Building the Bridge

The other day during a meditation my Granny came to me. She showed me two sides. On the side we stood on there was nothing but emptiness and death. On the other side was all that I see as happiness. Our goals are realized and our family is together and prospering. In the middle was water with no way across.

I visited Inannas Spiritual Center today. It's become our Saturday routine to go. Today they had a guest speaker named Carlo Hawk Walker. You may have heard of him. He travels around the country to various Pagan and Native American gatherings. He talked of many things but what really stood out is his lesson about the time we give other people.

I'm paraphrasing but he said, "Every moment of our life is worth something. We barter our life at our jobs. We barter or give away time of our life to help others. Each moment is precious. So we should make sure that what we do with our life is worth it." 

Those words stuck with me because for the past year I haven't been happy and it's all mine and my husbands fault. So thinking about me message from my granny all afternoon, I formulated a plan.

Tonight I invited (IE Insisted) my husband to do ritual with me. We froze our butts off a bit because we were sitting outside on the ground and it's around 25 degrees F out, but I'll not complain too much. ;)

I knew we wouldn't be able to move forward without putting the past behind us. I invited my husband to forgive his ex-employer. That is not something that comes easy, but I was eventually able to get him to wish his ex-employer a long and happy life.

For me, I told DH of my feelings of my disappointment in him. This is something I've held in for a long time now and it was time to let go. I didn't want to tell him and hurt his feelings. But it was time.

We also gave an offering of tobacco to symbolically build that bridge. Our journey is in no way going to be easy. But I think we'll finally be able to begin building that bridge to happiness. It's also one more step in finding my balance again.

So Mote it Be!

How was your Saturday? Anything interesting happen my fellow readers?


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