Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Deeds Rewarded

About two weeks ago while traveling to Chillicothe we stopped at a gas station. There we ran into a man whose battery had died. We gave him a jump. My husband always asks people if they know anyone hiring. Turns out, the man is a manager at a local restaurant. So the following Monday DH put in an application but was unable to speak with that manager. After not receiving a call Dh decided to go back to try to talk with the manager again.

The result...... He has an interview tomorrow.

Of course nothing right now is certain, but at least he has a chance to get hired. I'm so happy for him!
Just goes to show you what can happen when you work to remove negativity from your life and bring in the positive.

Please wish my husband all the well wishes and luck you can give. We really need this!

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Good Luck Lance!

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