Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Good, Bad, and the Pagan Theives

Today I want to talk a little bit about the darker side of Pagan groups. Most people who seek out Pagan gatherings are good honest people who genuinely want to learn and participate in Pagan social events. My friend Lynn who owns Inanna's Spiritual Center is a hard working woman with a Pagan shop. She's also clergy so her store doubles as a temple.

Lately Lynn has been having some issues with theft. This disappoints me and every honest person who attends the center.  Years ago I attended Beltane with the Circle of the Blue Moon. My dear friend Linda is the owner and High Priestess of that group. When she partnered with another coven to do Beltane all was not a happy gathering. Part of the other group started to steal items, including medication stored in my truck that was for my husband. Being the hot blooded man he is, my husband made a speech and formed it as a spell. It's been years ago and nothing was written down, so I can't share the spells exact wording. But in essence it went something like this.

"If you are here for spiritual reasons, you are welcomed with open arms and you are my brother and sister. If you are here for other reasons, you are my enemy, LEAVE."

Most of the other coven left. Quite telling for that coven's dynamic.

So I am in essence going to do the same thing here.

If your intentions are spiritual and you come to Inanna's Spiritual Center to learn and grow as a person, welcome. You are my sister or brother. If you come to Inanna's Spiritual Center for negative reasons, you are my Enemy. Leave Now. If you feel you have made a mistake, we are not without forgiveness. Just bring the items back and apologize. If you attend Inanna's Spiritual Center with intent to take items or harm others, you will feel the urge to leave. You are our enemy and no longer welcome. 

To the thieves, I say this directly to you.

Lynn knows who the thieves are, though there is no hard evidence we can approach you with at this time. Should you be caught, you will be persecuted to the fullest of the law.

So Mote It Be


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