Tuesday, October 11, 2011

11. Share your favorite recipe for Samhain dinner.

So I'm not the worlds greatest cook. I'm not even my families best cook. But for Samhain I like to keep it simple. I don't like to eat pumpkin, however I do like to cook for my husband so one year I decided to make pumpkin pie from scratch. I didn't come up with my own recipe. So I'll share a recipe similar to what I followed.

Buy 2 small pumpkins. They MUST be small ones. The large pumpkins do not have very much meat and your pie won't come out as well. If you want to skip this step, you can buy pumpkin puree.

Cut your small pumpkin in half and clean out the seeds and "stringy stuff". Save the seeds, they can be baked for a yummy treat. Now you can steam, microwave, or do as I did and bake upside down on a flat baking sheet @ 350 for about 30-45 minutes.

Once its baked, scoop the meat of the pumpkin out and puree in a blender. If your puree is a bit watery, let it sit for 30 minutes and then pour off the water using a coffee filter.

Next you need:

1 cup sugar
4 large eggs
And your puree.
I just buy the pumpkin spice mix. But if you don't want to do that add:
1 tsp ground clove
1tsp all spice
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 cans evaporated milk

Mix, pour into your pie crust and bake for 350 degrees until a toothpick in the center comes out clean. Approx an hour.

Cool your pie and enjoy!

NOTE: The water you poured off the pumpkin puree can be saved and used in soup!

Also, if you have leftover pumpkin puree, you can freeze this and use it for later, or its a good medicinal use for your pets when they have an upset stomach/gastrointestinal problems.

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain
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