Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18. What God(dess) do you involve in your Samhain rites?

I don't believe its absolutely necessary to involve a specific deity in rituals. I've mentioned before that I am connected to Isis, but for Samhain I don't really work with her. I don't know why, her connection to life, death, and rebirth is strong. For Samhain, if I'm working solitary, I simply use "The Universal Energy". Or just Lord and Lady. If my husband is working with me, we may use The Great Spirit. All of them work for me. As long as I'm able to connect with that divine energy I don't believe it's important what we call it. 

This is apart of 31 Days of Samhain

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  1. I rarely single out an entity in ritual. I refer to those who Work with me regularly as my "people." These energies are not limited to the gods. I prefer not to engage with a spirit/god/other just because someone in a book said that a certain god/goddess is the goddess/god of (fill in the blank) because I believe that is how this entity worked with some people/culture once upon a time, and doesn't necessarily mean this is true today or for me. The only specific god/goddess energy I have ever worked with and honored regularly is Hecate. I do not know why, really, but I felt it was right for me and so I continue to honor and Work with her.



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