Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Good Energy Request

Hello everyone! I'd like to ask my readers to send good energy, thoughts, prayers for me tomorrow. I have a second interview at 1:30. I hope this job is right for me and I impress the company. We need the money so we can get off of assistance and find our own place. I know we are all tired of living with MIL. Its time to move on!

If you could please just keep me in your good wishes and send lots of positive energy I'd appreciate it! While I feel sad that if I get this job I will no longer be a SAHM, it's really past time I re-enter the work force. I do feel better that Dh will be a SAHD. It's important to me that Wyatt have at least one of us here. He is going to try to get disability which will take awhile to get. Money will still be tight even if I get the job, but it will help!

Thank you very much.


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  1. I'll light a candle for you and keep you in my thoughts. Good luck! Go and impress them!



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