Friday, October 7, 2011

7. What is your favorite design for your Jack - o - lanterns?

I love to carve pumpkins! And what better way to get the kids involved than to carve a few together! In a good year Sierra and I have carved 4 or 5 pumpkins. Sierras favorite part is cleaning all the gunk out. What could be better than ewy gooey quishy pumpkin guts for Halloween? And since I love to eat Pumpkin seeds, I take those pumpkin guts and bake them.

There are a lot of websites out there that will give you free patterns to download and print off for pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin Masters is one such website. They also have some great tips for carving your pumpkins.

Favorite Dog Breed stencils has some free designs of your favorite pooch. If your like me and love dogs this one is really a treat. Who says pumpkins have to be scary?

Also, if you have a favorite picture you'd like to turn into a stencil you can use Photoshop (Or Gimp). Here are Photoshop directions. Here are Gimp Directions (PDF)

But getting back to the question, my favorite design is one that comes from my child's imagination. :) No stencils needed. Just carving tools and a plan to have fun.

Sierra's pumpkin from 2006

This is apart of my 31 Days of Samhain
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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am not that good with anything involving "artsy hands", but I will give those a try!

  2. Hey! Great links!
    I'm with you. I like whatever the kids come up with. Original and special.

  3. I love carving pumpkins! Part of the fun of the holiday is digging into it and scooping out the goop and seeds. Then toasting the seeds while the pumpkin is carved. :3

  4. I don't care much for stencils. I think the carving process is what I enjoy most. Everything from the time I spend with the family to the feeling of flesh and seeds of the pumpkin... so nice.

  5. I suck at carving pumpkins. My favorite part is gutting them. :-) Last year I made Rosemary Pumpkin Seeds, they were tasty. thanks for sharing those links. ~)O(~



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