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Dragon Love

Dragon Love

By Robin Carpenter of Salem's Creations Blog

 In the beginning, there was man who ruled the land, and dragons that ruled the sky. A pact between Kings was made. Each village of man would offer the fairest maiden to the dragons and upon her skin would be placed a magical jeweled amulet. Several amulets were made and distributed across the countryside. In return for each maiden, the dragons would insure safety for the village.

King Wynn, the leader of the dragons enjoyed a time of luxury, though the peasants thought the dragons ate the human women, the dragons needed young maidens to mate. There were no female dragons. And so each time a woman wore a jeweled amulet, she invited the dragons to take her to their bed.

Then the humans grew bold, and refused to allow their daughters to wear the amulets. King Wynn, seeing that his fellow dragons were in despair from having no mates, decided to order his people to hibernate. They wait for the amulets to once again be worm by maidens.

Chapter One
Present Day: One week before All Hallow's Eve

“Maggie, would you look after the shop today? I have some errands to run. Since its Sunday most people won't be shopping so it should be a slow day. Just don't get into the storage. I have some things there I don't wish to sell.” Ethan said.

“Sure Uncle Ethan. I don't mind looking after your store. I love to see all the interesting stuff you have. They are so old! Your antiquities store always feels like home to me. My degree in anthropology is really going to rock!”

Ethan smiled, “Your always welcome Maggie. Now remember what I said, no going into the storage area.” He said as he left the store by the back door.

Maggie looked around her uncles store. It is packed full of old merchandise. Though the store is cluttered, her uncle has a system. In one corner, he has his “contemporary” pieces. In reality everything is at least 30 years old. Far older than herself. Some of those items were her mothers when she was a child.

Then there is the older corner. Things that are 100 to 200 years old. These are wonderful to look at and really stir the imagination of how life was like back then.

But what Maggie really likes, is what Uncle Ethan calls the ancient space. These items are so old she can't even identify what some things are for.

Though Ethan forbade it, Maggie explores the stock rooms. Here, the merchandise is organized just like the sale room. Maggie skips the contemporary and older items and goes straight for the ancient corner. Several boxes and crates are lined up. But she knows what she is looking for. As a girl, she use to stare at them. It is four amulets with a solid gold chains. As a child she would wear one as a crown and pretend she was a beautiful princess waiting for her prince.

“What are you doing girl? Didn't I tell you to not come back here!” Ethan shouted.
Maggie jumped, having not realized her uncle had returned.

“Sorry Uncle. But isn't it lovely. Don't you think I look like a real princess?”

Ethan smiled, “Yes you do. You look just like your mother, God rest her soul.”
Maggie smiled, knowing that if her uncle is thinking of her mother then he isn't too upset over her breaking the rules.
“You know, my birthday is tomorrow.”
Ethan smiled, suspecting what might come next he said, “Yes I know. You'll be 18, and heading off to college.”

“It would be a wonderful birthday present if I could have these 4 amulets. They are so beautiful. I love the emerald one, and the sapphire, onyx and opal ones too. Please can I have them?” Maggie pleaded.

“Well, I don't know, they are very old. If you wore them they could break.” Ethan said, shaking his head.

“They look sturdy enough. You have them in the ancient corner, but they look brand new!” Maggie exclaimed.

“True, I was told they are old but no one could tell me how old. Which is why I never placed them on the sale floor. They may very well be newer than originally thought, though the stones are definitely real. I suppose, I can give them to you, on one condition.” Ethan said, raising his index finger to emphasis his condition.

“Whats the condition?” Maggie asked.

“That you don't wear them till you are married. I heard a story about them, and I don't know if its true.” Ethan said.

“What story Uncle?”

“That if a young maiden wore the amulet, she would be stolen away from her village and killed.” Ethan whispered, adding to the effect of mystery.

“Oh that is a superstition. You can't actually believe that!” Maggie said giggling.

“Even myth has some truth girl. But, I suppose you are right. Take them, but remember the rule. Not until your married.” Ethan warned.

Maggie rolled her eyes, but dutifully said, “Yes Uncle.”

“Now you'd better get going. You are suppose to be at your college dorm tomorrow. Your going to make a wonderful historian.” Ethan said, hugging his niece in a big bear hug.

“I hope so. I can't wait to show my friends these amulets.” Maggie kissed Ethan’s cheek, gave him a hug in return, and left the store.

Chapter Two: A few days later: College
“Maggie...Maggie...Wait up!” Ira said.
“Hi Ira, did you find your dorm room and your classes?” Maggie grabbed the papers Ira was handing to her that showed information on classes and one flyer about the party.

“Yeah, I think we share a few classes. English I and History. I'm sharing my dorm room with Jordane. Did you hear about the party this Saturday? You have to go. Of course Abbie and Jordane already said they'd come.” Ira said.

“Yes I'll go, and I have a surprise for everyone. I'll show you before the party. Tell everyone to meet me at the dorm just before we go to the party OK?” Maggie said.

“OH I can't wait its going to be so much fun!” Ira said excitedly.


“Abbie, Ira, Jordane, come on in. I've got a surprise for everyone. Oh look, your dresses will go perfectly!” Maggie clapped her hands in excitement.

“So whats this surprise Maggie? Ira has been going on and on about it and no one could say what it is.” Abbie said.

Maggie went to her table and picked up a wooden box with an intricate carving of 4 dragons on it. She turned, and opened the box.

“These are from my Uncles store. The emerald is mine, it goes perfectly with my baby blue skirt.” Maggie said.

“Well I am going with the Sapphire. My favorite color is blue, and it goes lovely with my creamy yellow mini.” Ira said.

“The Opal is mine, its my birthstone.” Abbie said.

“That leaves the Onyx for you Jordane. It contrasts lovely with your red outfit.” Maggie said.

“Oh thank you Maggie. These are so beautiful! Ira said.

“OK girls, now that we have that done, let's go!”

Chapter 3: The Party

“This party sucks. Most of the people here are girls. The few guys that are here aren't worth looking at.” Jordane said.

“Well its early and more people are arriving as we speak. Look at the guy walking in the door. Isn't he a hunk! He must be a football player. I always go after the jocks.” Maggie said.

“Yeah, oh look, his girlfriend is just behind him following like a good little woman.” Ira said.

“So Maggie gave a bad example, but she is right, there are more people showing up. And I think I see my ex-boyfriend, so excuse me.” Abbie said as she walked toward the patio door.

“Abbie wait for me, I just noticed they have a hot tub.” Jordane said.

“But you don't have a swim suit on Jordane. Maggie said, following the girls.

“Who needs a swim suit? Live a little Maggie. You did wear your best lingerie right?” Jordane said over her shoulder.

“Wait for me too, it's better than standing here staring at the front door.” Ira said.

So they went outside to mingle with other guests. Abbie broke away from the group to talk to her ex-boyfriend. While Maggie, Ira, and Jordane joined two guys in the hot tub. Maggie kept her skirt on, but took her blouse off to show her baby blue camisole tank.

“Hi, I'm Maggie, mind if we join you boys?” Maggie said. The boys murmured their appreciation for the company.

Abbie watched her friends pair off with other men, and then turned to Scott, and worried that he was drinking again. From the looks of things, he was also doing steroids again. Which had been the reason she broke off the relationship.

Abbie took the bottle of beer out of Scott's hand, “You know you shouldn't be drinking this. You're already on probation. If you get caught doing drugs and drinking alcohol you're going to jail. Last time you didn't because you're under age. You're 18 now, they don't give second chances Scott.”

“Yeah what do you care? Last time we talked you said you couldn't stand me anymore. So why you bitch-in' at me now?” Scott said with a scowl.

Abbie crossed her arms, “I do care Scott. I just don't care to be the druggies girlfriend.” she said.

“Well then do me a favor babe, stop caring.” Scott said as he laughed and walked away.

Abbie shook her head as she watched the only guy she ever loved walk away. Maybe he was right. At one time Scott had been a fun-loving guy who was sweet and romantic. She had instantly fallen for his charm. The summer just before junior year of high school had been best. Their families had vacationed together at a beach getaway. Just two cabins, a sandy beach and love. It was the perfect summer. Unfortunately that school year had been rough. Scott lost his parents in a plane crash that fall. He struggled in school and in football. So he had turned to drinking and drugs. Since then, there just hadn't been a future for them.

Abbie turned to join her other friends. She was here to have a good time, and good times didn't involve trying to save someone who didn't want to be saved.

Chapter four: There be Dragons

“Hey Abbie, are you OK? I saw you arguing with Scott.” Maggie said.

“Yeah Abbie, come on, I think you could use some cheering up. Why don't we blow this party and go to that diner a couple blocks away. We can walk, it'll be fun. And you can have all the ice cream sundaes you can eat.” Ira said.

“Sounds good. I'm just really bummed guys. I thought I was over him! Whats wrong with me. Maybe I shouldn't have given up on him.” Abbie said, starting to cry a little over the lost love she knew she'd never get back.

“Honey he made his own choices. You can't save him, only he can do that. You tried, there's nothing more for you to do but pray he comes around without killing himself.” Jordane said.

“Look, the moon is so full tonight. Enjoy the moment Abbie, everything’s going to be OK.” Maggie said.

“Yeah your right. The moon is pretty. What is that in the distance though?” Ira said.

“I don't know, its like a big blob. But it's getting closer. Do you think it could be a shooting star or something?” Maggie said.

“Uh, guys, I don't think that’s it. It looks like it has wings! And its too big to be a bird.” Jordane said.

Maggie grabbed Ira's arm and ducked behind a bush, the others following.

“We can't all fit back here. Why are we hiding anyway? This is silly.” Abbie said.

“I'd rather be silly and safe than brave and stupid.” Jordane said.

“Definitely not safe! Look! It's a ...Dragon! That can't be! But look. They've got wings and scales and their huge!” Ira screamed.

“I say we run for the diner. It's just around that corner. It's so close!” Abbie pointed toward the end of the street.

Maggie grabbed Abbie and Ira's hands, “OK stick together. Lets go quickly.” Maggie said.

The girls ran toward the diner. Inside had to be safe. Looking up, Jordane said, “DUCK!”

It was too late, Jordane was picked up by a huge black dragon. Abbie, Ira and Maggie were also flung in the air and caught by the dragons. Maggie was flung onto the dragons back. Abbie was cradled in the dragons arms and Ira was hanging upside down by her foot secured in the dragons claws.

“Maggie help me!” Ira said.

“Don't move Ira! Holy shit, is that the college? Were flying over the dorms! Don't move or they might drop us!” Maggie warned.
“Yes, don't move little ones. We've got you.” The smallest dragon said.

“Holy Shit! It talked!” Jordane exclaimed.

“Do you think I could at least be held upright? All the blood is rushing to my head!” Ira said.

“If you don't panic, I will move you to my back.” Ira's dragon said.

“I don't think I can panic much more than I already am!” Ira screamed as she was flung on the dragons back.

The next few hours Maggie and her friends worried as houses, state buildings and eventually the ocean was spotted. Each woman asked the dragons many questions but none were answered. It seemed after those first few times of speaking, they preferred to remain silent. One thing became clear, they were not in America anymore. The best they could guess, is that they are somewhere in the United Kingdom. But where exactly they couldn’t determine.

Chapter Five: The Agreement

Each dragon took their mate to their bed. The women were exhausted from the long journey and the shock of flying through the air. Each dragon had kept his mate as warm as he could on the ride, but it had just been warm enough for survival. Each woman would need time. Though in their home, it wouldn't be long before the women felt the oppressive heat from the magma deep in the volcano. Dragons liked the heat. Staying above ground for too long made them sluggish. Except for Tyne, he is the only water dragon left and is right at home in any river, lake or ocean or hot magma flow. However Wynn, the King of the dragons, had to keep Tyne below the surface most of the time. The last time Tyne got out of the nest he was spotted in a lake and dubbed Nessie by the locals.

Wynn’s mate stirred. “Good evening mate. What is your name?”

“Where am I?” Maggie said. She had already resigned herself hours ago that she wasn't dreaming and talking dragons were real. She looked at the dragon that had carried her away. His skin, or rather scales, are a bright luminescent green. She knew from studying world cultures that he is an Oriental dragon, with a slender snake-like body and four feet with huge claws. He is now curled in the corner watching her. His head is swaying slightly like a snakes, and his horns are bright red.

“You are in my home. We are underground in our lair. Please, tell me your name beautiful one.” Wynn said.

“I'm Maggie, who are you? And where underground are we? And is that lava? It's so hot in here. Isn't it dangerous to live so close. The heat is so oppressive.”

“You will get use to the heat. Us dragons need it. Yes that is lava. Do not go near it and you will not be harmed. The volcano is not very active. I am Wynn, King of the dragons. And you, are my mate. When you put that emerald amulet on, as your friends put the other amulets on, you signaled us that you were ready to mate.” Wynn said, shifting his tail to settle into the corner to put her at ease.

“Ready to mate? Right. I did no such thing! I mean, I put on the necklace, but it's just a necklace! How can it “signal” anything?”

“Its a magical amulet. It was crafted by King Cunorix's wizard many centuries ago. We made a pact. Whomever wore the amulet would become a dragons mate. However when his own daughter received a dragons amulet, he refused to allow his daughter to leave his side. He made war on our kind by sending out dragon slayers. He made rumors that we ate virgins and so the people became fearful of us. War was waged. We fought, but they were many and us so few. We are the last four of our kind. I ordered everyone to hibernate until the world changed, and so it has. My hope is that our kind may flourish once again. Starting, with mates.” Wynn looked at his mate, noticing her lithe body and bright blue eyes.

“I've heard all the stories about dragons. You eat sacrifices. Usually the sacrifice is a virgin woman, or goats. If you don't eat people, what do you eat?”

Wynn laughed, “Ah, well. I do eat goats. But young women have never been on the menu. Would you like to come closer? You may touch my scales if you wish. My body is yours.”

“No thank you. I want to go home. Where are my friends? I have no wish to be your mate.” Maggie said as she stood from the bed and crossed her arms in protest.

“I am sorry to displease you Maggie, but you and your friends are not going anywhere. Sit, your friends are safe and will join you shortly.” Wynn ordered.

“So I am a prisoner? That is not how you do things in this time. You said you are from an ancient time. How that is I do not know. Are you immortal? Whatever, if I accept I'm speaking to a dragon then I accept you are as old as you say. But I am not property, you cannot just claim me. This amulet is not a marriage contract. I am most definitely not your mate!” Maggie said, raising her voice and tapping her foot to emphasis the point.

“Sit down Maggie, no you are not a prisoner. Though I ask that you stay and get to know me. There is much to learn. All I ask is that you keep an open mind.” Wynn said.

“Fine, but I want to see my friends now.” Maggie said, not obeying his order to sit down.

Wynn sighed and said, “Very well, follow me.”

Wynn lead Maggie to a commons area. The room was cut out of solid limestone rock with a circular and very smooth ceiling. In the center sat her friends on an old primitive bench that is little more than a log. Maggie ran to her friends and hugged each one.

“Oh Abbie, Ira, Jordane, I'm so happy to see you are all right!” Maggie said, relieved.

“Tyne said I am his mate. He's the big blue one over there.” Ira said pointing to the corner where the blue dragon sat. “Maggie where the hell did you find those Amulets? Did you know what they are? How the hell are we getting out of here?” Ira said.

“Oh Ira I'm sure Maggie didn't know what the amulets really are. And when I talked with Lyre he seemed really sweet. Lyre is the smallest dragon. And I love that his scales are a pearl white. He played a lute for me and made up a song just for me.” Abbie said.

“Well Cynehelm is the big black brute. And I agree with Abbie, we need to make a plan to get out of here.” Jordane said.

“ENOUGH” Cynehelm said. “You are my mate, and none of you will go anywhere. The pact was made when you wore the amulets.”

“Go easy Cyne, that pact was made long ago.” Lyre said.
“We didn't make a pact. Our ancestors did. You cannot hold us to that. And why don't your kind have female dragons you can mate to?” Jordane asked.

“Dragons do not produce female offspring. We would have died out long ago were it not for the pact.” Wynn said.

“Perhaps there is a reason for that.” Ira said under her breath.

“Mates, we are a simple breed. We protect humans and in return all we ask is to have one mate for life. Our race will not live without you. We cannot take another mate. The amulets bind us to the one mate that is right for us. If you walk away, we shall never take another. It is your decision. We will leave you now. I've provided food and water for you all. We will be back in a few hours for your decisions.” Wynn said.

“So what do we do?” Ira said as she walked to the buffet table to get water and a sandwich.

“I say we grab all the food and water we can carry and hike out of here.” Jordane said, following Ira and grabbing several biscuits.

“I know its scary, but Jordane your studying to become a historian. Think of what these dragons could teach you that no classroom is ever going to be able to compare to. Ira, same for you. Your Anthropology classes are only going to teach so much. What better way to learn than from these dragons who have been there and lived in an ancient society?” Maggie said.

“That's true. But Maggie do you realize what you're saying? It could all be a big lie. What if they do eat us? Mythology is normally based in some fact, however stretched the truth may be.” Jordane said.

“Well I think the dragons are sweet. And I loved the song Lyre played for me. I think I'm going to accept. I mean, what harm does it do to stick around for a while? We can learn more and if we don't like them, leave. They said we are not prisoners. It's completely reasonable to concede to their request to learn about them and then decide.” Abbie said.

“Fine Maggie, if Jordane is with me, I'll stay. But at the first sign of danger were out of here with or without you and Abbie.” Ira said, looking for Jordane for confirmation that she was on board with the plan. Jordane nodded her agreement.

Chapter 6: Dragon Love

“So you have agreed to stay with us mate?” Wynn said. The dragons had returned a short while later. Lyre brought another instrument to play for Abbie, this time a flute that looked very old and sounded beautiful. Once again each dragon took his mate to their sleeping quarters.

“Maggie, are you afraid of me? There is no need to be.” Wynn said as he once again took his place in the corner. Maggie didn't feel comfortable sitting on the giant double king sized bed, so she stood at the opposite side of the room.

“No I'm not afraid. You mentioned that your kind do not birth females. How are humans and dragon to mate?” Maggie said hesitantly.

“Come here, and you shall see.” Wynn said in a low rumble.

Maggie struggled to control a nervous shudder, but if she was going to commit to this course, she needed to get a little closer. Maggie approached Wynn and felt his scales. It was sort of a combination of a fishes scale and the skin of a reptile. Hard and strong, yet smooth. His underbelly is lighter, but more rough textured. Wynn reached slowly for Maggie and pulled her to him so that her breasts pressed against is underbelly.

“You feel wonderful in my arms Maggie. You are a very beautiful woman.” Wynn sighed.

Maggie blushed, she knew she had 10 extra pounds to loose, leftovers from being a fat kid in high school. It had taken a good year in the gym to get to her current size.

Her breasts rubbed against the rough texture of his skin, and the friction made her nipples peak. Maggie found herself asking in a sultry voice, “How does a human and dragon mate Wynn?”

Wynn whispered in her ear, “Take your cloths off and find out.” Wynn let Maggie go as she obeyed his request. She started to remove the amulet, but at his request she kept it on, and nothing else. The sight Wynn was gifted with was breathtaking. With bright blue eyes, a runners build, nice round bottom and auburn hair that looked like fire in the right light, Wynn was satisfied with his mate.

Once again in his arms, she moved a sultry sway. He coiled his tail around her and pressed firmly into her. Her hands roamed his body exploring every inch. Her favorite part was just under his jaw. The skin there was smooth, almost like human skin.

Wynn took his long slender tongue and explored her body. Wrapping it around her breasts and feeling her nipples. He was careful to hold her tenderly, his horns and claws are like daggers, and one careless move could hurt her.

“Say you will stay with me Maggie.” Wynn said, moving his tongue slowly down her body to explore her curves.
“I still don't know how a human and dragon can mate Wynn.” Maggie said, gasping as his tongue reached her thighs.
Wynn pulled back slightly, exposing a part of his underbelly she hadn't seen before. A portion of his skin had folded away, exposing what she assumed was a penis. It was like no human penis. He was very long, and too thick for her. Maggie pulled away.

“This isn't going to work. Your too big. I've seen movies with well endowed men. You are much bigger than any world record. You would hurt me.” Maggie said, sounding almost forlorn.

“Trust me mate, it will work.” Wynn didn't give her time to worry. He wrapped himself around her, using his body to move her to the bed. He began his ministrations again, this time heightening her pleasure with his whole body. He used his tail to spread her legs, and his tongue began its dance across her skin, and to her sweet spot.

Maggie gasped, having never felt anything quite like the sensations she was feeling before. She tried to return the touch to him, but he shifted away. She was happy enough to allow him to explore. All thoughts of stopping were lost. Pleasure replaced common sense as she peeked and cried her pleasure.

Wynn waited for the right moment, and let out his dragon fire, directing the blaze at the amulet. Immediately the amulet melted into her skin and Maggie’s cry of pleasure turned into screams of pain. She felt the white-hot heat of flames and knew she was lost.

* * * *

Jordane heard the screams. She had just begun to think sleeping with Cyne might be good fun college experience. One she'd never tell another living soul, but fun all the same. When she heard the screams she ran out of Cyne's room toward Maggie and Wynn. Ira came racing out as they heard another scream.

“Abbie! Maggie! Ira help Abbie, I'll try to save Maggie.” What she would do she didn't know. One thing was certain, this was a trick, and something needed to be done.

Jordane raced into the room and saw the horrific sight. Wynn was holding Maggie, but it was no longer Maggie. Blood and hair the color of Maggie's were on the floor. Bones are scattered throughout the horrific mess. The sight sickened Jordane. Standing over Maggie's human body stood a white oriental dragon being held in Wynn’s arms.

“Maggie? What has he done to you?” Jordane said, beginning to cry for her friend now.

“Maggie has been reborn, as my mate. Where is Cyne? Why are you not with him?” Wynn said.

“Jordane, its me. I don't know what happened. But its me. I'm...I'm a dragon. Wynn how am I a dragon?” Maggie said, a tone of hysteria taking over her voice.

“When our mates come to us, the amulet is the key to the transformation. Mating is impossible without it. I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you beforehand. But you will come to love me, it is meant to be.” Wynn said.

“Yes, I feel a pull toward you. I'm not mad at you Wynn. There is no way I would have agreed to this.” Maggie said, inspecting her new-found body.

Jordane ran, stopping only to grab Ira as she walked out of Abbie's room with a pale absent face.

“No time Ira, go into hysterics tomorrow. Today, we run! There's no saving them.” Jordane said.

* * * *

Maggie inspected Abbie. She felt it was Abbie. Her dragon body was slightly taller than her mates, but still smaller than the rest of the males. Her scales are a mixture of pale yellow and bright green wings.

“Oh Abbie, your beautiful.” Maggie said.

“Do you think Ira and Jordane will come back?” Abbie said, leaning into Lyre.

“I don't think so. Which means Cynehelm and Tyne have no mates, right Wynn?”

“They have mates, Cyne and Tyne will never give up hope. They have no choice now. The amulets will always be connected to them. As long as their dragon mates are alive, so shall they be.” Wynn said.

“You mean they are now immortal?” Maggie asked.

“No, it is possible to die. It's just not as easy as mortal death. When one dies, so does their mate. As long as we both live, we do not die from disease or age.” Cynehelm said.

“We will watch over them. One day, they will come back.” Wynn vowed.

And so it was to be that the dragons once again protected the land.

* * * *

One week Later

Ethan awoke with the phone ringing. Looking at the clock he wondered who could be calling this late.
“Hello? Who is this?” Ethan answered.

“Ethan? I need you.”

“Maggie is that you?” Ethan said.

“No, this is Jordane. I have horrible news. Maggie is now a dragon, and the amulets you gave her are responsible.” Jordane said.

Ethan thought back to the stories he was told as a child.

“That girl never did listen. Where are you? There is only one thing I know to do.” Ethan said.

“I'm in Scotland.” Jordane said.

“Time to visit The Dragon slayer.” Ethan said.

The End.  

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