Monday, October 24, 2011

Hail & Merry Meet!

So Salem's Creations is being featured on the Witch Blog tour. So Awesome! My blog is relatively new but I have approximately 140 articles already! So sit back, relax and and welcome to my blog!

Here are some entries that I think you shouldn't miss.
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I love to write fiction, for the All Hallows Grim Blog Party I wrote a story called Dragon Love. Come check it out!

I've been doing the 31 Days Of Samhain. This is a party I started. Unfortunately I think only a few people picked it up. But I try to post their entries on the FB page and I make sure to read every one! Speaking of people I follow, I do follow a lot, but I make it a point to at least skim every entry. So if you follow me publicly, I will follow your blog too! Make sure I can find it.

There is plenty more content here. If your looking for something in particular you can use the search tool at the bottom of my blog in the Wibiya widget. If you don't see a topic you're searching for, please don't hesitate to email me and ask!

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